Scarab Darkroom 2.26

Version 2.26 of Scarab Darkroom is now available. The software makes the long overdue leap to 64 bits. It also requires a 64 bit version of Windows now - unless there proves to be a demand for still maintaining a 32 bit version. There are improvements to white balancing, as well as many bug fixes. Many of the fixes are related to different DPI settings in Windows and small user interface changes - full high-DPI support is coming soon.

Changes include:

  • Fixed using arbitrary rotation resulting in zero sized TIFF files if set to 16 bit / channel
  • Much better white balancing and more realistic colours under in-door lighting
  • Increased colour temperature slider range
  • Fixed most user interface issues with Windows text DPI settings other than 100% (main UI elements are not scaled now - proper high-DPI support is coming soon)
  • Preferences, save options, and crop tool window now scaled according to Windows DPI setting
  • Set one of the fonts slightly larger to make it more readable on high resolution displays
  • Made the vertical slider automatically change size when the mouse is over it
  • Vertical slider auto hides if all controls fit on the screen
  • Fixed shifted edit box issue with the slider values on Windows 10
  • Added support for Canon EOS 6D Mark II
  • Better calibration for the Canon EOS 5D III

We are experimenting with pricing and dropping the price to just 29 Euros for now.


OS X version of After Effects Star Filter fixed for CC 2015 and El Capitan

I have recently resolved some compatibility issues with the After Effects plug-in. If you have bought the 2.0 version and are experiencing crashes with it on OS X, send me a message to get access to the fixed version!