Scarab Darkroom 2.28

Scarab Darkroom 2.28 has been released. This update brings bug-fixes: two of these fix a crash, which could occur when working with very large raw files (although they may not have affected the officially supporter raw files). Another small bug fixed concerns the directory window - when collapsing "My computer" / "This PC", there was an issue.

The earlier version 2.27 fixed the missing highlight recovery button in version 2.26, and added a missing dll to the installer, which prevented the program from starting on some older CPU-s, like many of the early Core 2 Duo-s. There was also an issue with colours of the Canon EOS 5D III and potentially a few other cameras, which has been fixed. Another minor change is that the program now automatically maximises its window when starting, if it was maximised in the previous session.