- Support has been added for:

Canon EOS 77D, 800D, M5, M6, M100, G9 X, G9 X II

Nikon D750, D3400, D5600, D7500,

Leica TL, TL2, CL, M10,

Olympus E-PL8, E-PL9, E-M1 II, TG-4

Panasonic Lumix G8, G9, GX8, GX9, G80, G81, G85, GH4, GH5,

Pentax K3 II, KS2, Q7, QS1

Sony α7, α7 III, α9, α3000, α3500, α5000, α5100, α6000, α6300, QX1, RX0, RX10 II, RX10 III, RX10 IV, RX100 II, RX100 III, RX100 IV, RX100 VI

- Support has been removed for Samsung NX10, NX11, and NX20

- Fixed stripe on the edge of the image for many camera models with the Scarab demosaic method (this was only visible zoomed in)

- Fixed black level/calibration issues (reddish shadows) the software had with Leica and Panasonic cameras, and on many Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Pentax models.

- Improved image quality with the Hybrid demosaic method

- Reduced purple glow around highlights with the Scarab and hybrid demosaic methods

- Fixed some artifacts that would occasionally appear in highlights with the Scarab demosaic and hybrid methods

- Fixed a bug, which resulted in poor detail rendition with the default Scarab demosaic algorithm on many cameras (Canon and Sony not affected)

- Improved highlight recovery

- Fixed a crash bug that occurred with a few raw files from some camera models

- Fixed support for the Olympus E-M10 Mark II

- Created workaround for buggy behaviour when editing a slider value while the crop tool is open

- Fixed a small memory leak (each time when editing a slider value)

- Delete on keyboard now deletes current image (ie. keyboard short-cut for delete)

- Changed the default black level, saturation, vibrance, and the tone curve for more natural colours and better contrast.

- Better resilience to damaged raw files

- Fixed white level (occasional purple or overly clamped highlights) on: Canon 80D, Leica D-Lux 5, Nikon D200, Panasonic FZ330, DMC-G1, G5, D80, Sony A65, and some variants of the A55

- Performance optimizations

- Added matching for Japanese/American names of Canon camera models to identify them: Kiss X7i (700D), REBEL T6i / X8i (750D), 8000D / Rebel T6s (760D), Kiss X70/ REBEL T5 (1200D), Kiss X80/ REBEL T6 (1300D)

- Other minor improvements