OS X version of After Effects Star Filter fixed for CC 2015 and El Capitan

I have recently resolved some compatibility issues with the After Effects plug-in. If you have bought the 2.0 version and are experiencing crashes wit CC 2015 on OS X, send me a message to get access to the fixed version! (I will probably send out a circular email soon, but would still need to compile the list.)


Scarab Darkroom is back with version 2.21

Below is a list of changes from the previous version:

  • Fixed a memory leak, which could lead to a crash after going through hundreds of pictures
  • Fixed the crop tool window on Windows 8
  • A new experimental demosaic method (can be chosen in the Options menu and is called "Hybrid")
  • Small performance optimizations
  • Tweaks to highlight recovery
  • Changed "Automatic" resize mode to use Lánczos filtering for reduction (sharper results)
  • Fixed edge filtering problems of the thumbnail display
  • A button in the preferences for manually clearing the thumbnail cache
  • Potentially fixed the noise filtered version of the image occasionally not being displayed after the noise filter finished (note: the noise filtered version is still only shown for zoom >=50%)
  • Potentially better resilience from damaged raw files
  • Fixed purple highlights on Olympus E-3, XZ-1
  • Support has been added for: Nikon 1 V3, 1 J4, D3300, D5500, D7200, Olympus E-PL6, E-PL7, E-M10, E-M5Mark II, SH-2, Pentax K-S1, Samsung NX30
  • Lots of small changes under the hood

Everyone who purchased Scarab Darkroom should have gotten the update. If you have bought it, but didn't get an email with a download link, please get in touch!

(Note: I officially give access to updates for 1 year with a purchase, but have made an exception, since there were no new versions for a long time.)


Scarab Darkroom 2

We are pleased to announce the availability of Scarab Darkroom 2.0. It features noise filtering, chromatic aberration correction, split toning, ability to work in Adobe RGB color space, and more... The program is available for purchase here for $49. A free version is still available, and has been renamed to Scarab Darkroom Lite. No features have been removed compared to earlier free versions. We would also like to thank everyone who reported bugs during beta testing.


Old news

Scarab Darkroom has gotten numerous updates over the past few months. Several problems have been ironed out, and also a batch of new cameras are supported. Image quality issues have been resolved with Canon files, colour adjustments are much faster with large images, and much more...  The premium (paid) version of the program is on the horizon, which will include good noise filtering and other features.

In other news: Jeremiah Hall wrote a nice review of the After Effects star filter plug-in on doddleme.com.

Since then I have reduced the price of the plug-in to $49. Toolfarm Inc. is now an official reseller, but I encourage you to buy it through this site (- you support the author more + get instant download link, which I think they only give you with a delay for this plug-in).


Star Filter Plug-in 2.0 for After Effects

We have just released a major update to our star filter plug-in for Adobe After Effects, and it is now available for Windows and Mac! The plug-in is now perfectly suited for applying the effect on texts and titles thanks to a several changes, but at the same time it is still a very photo-realistic simulation of star lens filters. You can read about the changes in detail on the product page.

The plug-in is available for purchase for $59. Existing customers will receive a free update.